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USAA CLI approved Navy Fed Amex denied CLI.

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Re: USAA CLI approved Navy Fed Amex denied CLI.

@schsa210 wrote:

@Gmoney144 wrote:

Applied and received cli for USAA Amex 2000 to 6500 and 101st VISA account 6000 to 12000. Navy Fed and Amex denied my  cli.  I have crazy inquires and cooling off for a year.  My AAoa has dropped from 7 plus years to 1 year 11 months.  Time to garden.  For real this time||||| lol

Congrats on your cli's!

What was the reason for the Amex denials?

Too many inquires was the reason I was given by Amex.  Navy Fed said I have too many new accounts.  

Navy Amex 20k
Navy Cash Rewards 20k
Navy Platinum 15k
Discover It 16k
Citibank Preferred 11k
Penfed 17k
USAA 101st Airborne 6k
USAA Amex Rewards 2k
AmEx BCE 1k
Uber VISA 8k
Ducks Unlimited VISA 4K
Amex Platinum
Amex Gold
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