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USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!

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USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!

Hi All, 


So the last card I got was my USAA 5% gas amex earlier this year. It was approved in June and was approved at my lowest limit yet, but the 5% return on gas and instant posting of rewards more than made up for it, plus I've banked with USAA for 10 years now and have had extremely minimal complaints. 


Today was day 181 and like clockwork my "change credit limit" link popped up and I went for it. 


Approved from $2,500 to $8,000 -- was hoping for at least $10k, but a 3x+ increase is nothing to sneeze at, so I'll take it! At least this way if I'm pushing $300-$400 on balances for gas a month it will keep me well under 10% UTI. 



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USAA Relationship - core banking (direct deposit), several savings & checking accounts, auto and home insurance, 3 credit cards. Fairly established rapport with USAA



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Re: USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!

Congrats on the CLI! 3x limit increase is definitely a big plus.

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Re: USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!

Wow, nice increase- Congrats!!

I just got this card in November and it's great. SL is 8K and I'm perfectly fine with that but 10K+ would also be wonderful so looking forward to seeing that link for a possible cli at 6 months.

Enjoy your new CL!!!
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Re: USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!

Congratulations on your CLI!

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Re: USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!

Congrats on 3x CLI approval !!!


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Re: USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!


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Re: USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!

Well that's a pretty sweep bump for the holidays.  Enjoy!

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Re: USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!

credit_is_crack is winning! Whoop whoop.




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Re: USAA CLI to $8,000!!!!

Congrats!!!!! USAA won’t give me a penny!

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