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USAA Cash Rewards & USAA CLI

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USAA Cash Rewards & USAA CLI

Hi there,


About 6 months ago, I applied the first US Credit card at USAA.  I was approved Preferred Cash Reward Visa with $500 limit.  And a few days ago, I did online chat with USAA rep because I wanted to request CLI.  I got offer $1500 CLI so now my credit limit for this card is $2000.  I know it's still so low but I'm glad I got CLI.


This morning I applied NFCU Cash Reward credit card online and I got an instant approval. The limit is $13000 with APR 15.40%.  I was surprised!Smiley Surprised I have only 6 month credit history and I just opened NFCU membership saving account (for $5) a few days ago.  


Before I request CLI at USAA, my Equifax was 684.  But now my Equifax is 678 because of USAA inquiry for CLI.

Before I applied NFCU membership, my TransUnion was 698. But now my TransUnion is 684 because of NFCU inquiry for membership.

I know I will get another inquiry for NFCU CC application.  However, I received $13000 credit limit so I really hope my credit score will be fine!


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Re: USAA Cash Rewards & USAA CLI

Hey congrats on the approval and CLI , my 6 mth is coming up for both of my Usaa ccs next mth
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Re: USAA Cash Rewards & USAA CLI

Thanks! Smiley Happy

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Re: USAA Cash Rewards & USAA CLI

Major Congrats!!!  I Heartme some USAA!!!  Heart

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Re: USAA Cash Rewards & USAA CLI

Great approvals and CL with NFCU! Grats ...
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Re: USAA Cash Rewards & USAA CLI

The $13,000 credit limit will allow you to have more debt reporting without a negative effect on your score.

Now if you have $1,100 of debt report you will still be using less than 9% of your credit line. 


I do not advocate carrying Credit Card debt, but now letting a small balance report will not kill your scores.


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