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USAA and Discover CLI


USAA and Discover CLI

I got both my USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Visa and Discover It Miles in December 2017. I tried the luv button on Discover after the first three statements but got denied. Today, I went for it again and got a $500 CLI. I also sacrificed a hard pull (I think) making my first increase request with USAA and got an $11K CLI with them. 


Some DPs:

  • Had both cards for almost 7 months; only 1 CLI request (Discover) before today
  • I have 3 banking accounts with USAA and an auto insurance account and have been a member for a year 
  • My Discover Utilization is 31% with a balance @ 0% interest (trying to rack up the double miles) and USAA Utilization was about 5% and I've only carried a balance for once for 1 month also @ 0% interest
  • Overall Utilization is 17%

Let me know if you have any other questions. Glad to help. This community has given me so much good advice, thanks all!

FICO 08 Scores (Starting; BK Discharged 4/15): EQ 647, TU 655, EX 638
FICO 08 Scores (Mar-18): EQ 757, TU 736, EX 746
Score Goal: 741
Current Cards: Cap1 QS: $1500 | USAA Preferred: $16000 | PayPal MasterCard: $7500 | Discover Miles: $12000 | AMEX ED: $12000 | AMEX Cash Magnet: $1000 | Citi Diamond Preferred: $3700
Cancelled Cards: OpenSky: $200
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Re: USAA and Discover CLI

Congrats on approval and nice CLI

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