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USBank Cash+ $5K CLI SP


Re: USBank Cash+ $5K CLI SP

Yeah, I don't like the ones that are one size below corn on the cob 


Or a cob 


I hate articles 

When someone asks you *What's wrong*, and you're not sure if you want to start listing it in alphabetical or in order of importance.
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Re: USBank Cash+ $5K CLI SP


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Re: USBank Cash+ $5K CLI SP

Congrats on your CLI!

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Re: USBank Cash+ $5K CLI SP

@coldfusion wrote:

Out of credit boredom I decided to request a CLI on my Cash+ as my last request was about 8 months ago.   Majority of spend is on 5% categories and I never have much trouble reaching the quarterly spend threshold nor do I ever have a problem with being correctly credited with cashback. 


Got the usual warning that I was giving permission for them to make a HP,  requested anyway, instant approval, logged into all 3 CRAs and no reports of a HP.    I did confirm that they did an AR SP from Equifax a couple of weeks ago. 


I think I can afford to splurge now and buy Remedios some pretzel sticks. 




Congratulations, I prove I love when others get nice credit increases. US bank is doing the right thing out there smart move on us bank.

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Re: USBank Cash+ $5K CLI SP

Congrats on your USBank Cash+ CLI🎉👍

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