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Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

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Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

How am I only getting $500 CL? My Discover It has $6.7k and Chase freedom Unltd 6.7k as well. Anyone experiencing the same thing? Thinking about requesting an increase but its been 4 months since getting the card now.


TU - 717

EQ - 718

Avg Age - 1.4 Yrs,


Not to sound entitled, but I think at least 2k would've been acceptable. Haven't tried contacting them though bc I dont want them to open my report again. Not to mention im earning almost 6 figures a year before taxes and debt free.

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Re: Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

Approvals and SLs depend on a lot more than just scores. As for scores, since you’re quoting EQ and TU, am I right in assuming that’s from Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, or some other such monitoring service? If so, those are vantagescores, not FICOs, and are meaningless in the decisions of the lender. You need your real FICO scores to know where you stand, and the difference between the two scoring models can be vast.

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Re: Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

@gatot_kaca -


The best way to "ask" for a CLI for your Uber Visa

is to use your other higher limit cards and sock drawer

the Uber Visa. They'll get the message. On a monthly

basis, they'll be monitoring all of your credit card usage.

So when you put a $5 Starbucks charge on the Uber Visa

and pay it off right away while pumping 100's of dollars

thru your other cards, don't be surprised if an unexpected

CLI shows up in your Uber Visa account. Let your money

do the talking. That's the only language banks understand. Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

Easy, it BarclaysSmiley Wink. One thing we cant do is compare credit cards with limits given by others. Every card has different underwriting and risk factors. Its great to have 6 figure income but that doesnt mean you get high limits off the bat. A great majority visiting myFico seem to have high income yet many have found credit trouble and have to work their way up to high limits. It will come just needs time.
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Re: Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

I've often wondered how they decide how much to start you out with, I have had starting limits of $1000 on one then the next card $8000, I think overall look at it this way, they gave you something so it's all good.

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Re: Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

Congrats on the approval. The CL is often a combination of multiple things and also the UW - depending how conservative they are. For some lenders, they don't look at or hold alot of weight to what other lenders give. They give what they feel they are comfortable with and that's that. I would use the card as is and see about getting CLI's.

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Re: Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

Congrats on your approval !!!!


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Re: Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

Congratulations_misti NOT MOVE.jpg

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Re: Uber VISA Card - Approved, but.....

You got the "AJC Special."  Don't complain.  You're now part of a select club.  Relish your status.  Rumor has it that there are ALC Special tee-shirts and hoodies for sale in the myFico Gift Shop.

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