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Uber Visa Approval and 2nd Disco

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Re: Uber Visa Approval and 2nd Disco

@JST2021 wrote:
Okay, this is the end of my app spree, lol. I originally was denied for Barclays Apple card over 5/24, so I applied for the Uber instead, since its UW is looser. Fortunately, I was approved for that instead, and with the same pull they used for the Apple, allbeit with a $500 SL. I suppose it’s the best I could hope for with them, given my file. Perhaps they will loosen the purse strings after 6 months.

Since my first Disco had turned a year old, and it’s been stuck at 3.5k for 6 months, I decided to go for a 2nd disco to continue receiving CB match, and to hopefully score a higher limit. They’re starting me at 5k this time, better than the 2k they started me at last year, lol. Maybe it’s possible to combine limits with Disco?

FICO 8: 762
AAoA: 1 year 3 months
AoOA: 3 years
2 inqs in the last yeat
7 accts in the last year (LOL/24)

Congrats on the approvals. And that was a nice starting limit for your second Disco. They only gave me $1k on my second card! 


And yes, it is possible to combine Disco cards. But there is a process to it. You have to have a CLI available, if so, don't take the CLI, call in to Discover and tell them that you would like to combine your cards. Then you would be able to do it. 


Good luck as you continue your journey. 


"Hover mouse over cards to see CL and APR info"

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