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Uber Visa approved! (After recon)


Uber Visa approved! (After recon)

My hand was ITCHING for this card for several weeks now. I currently do not have a fico score yet but I am nearly approaching 6 months of credit history so my file is super thin my first card was in January which was the BofA cash rewards which I started with a $1000 SL and my next card was the Discover IT Students and I started also with a $1000 SL which was later increased to $1500 then I was preapproved for the Amex gold delta 3 months later with a SL of $1000. I've wanted the Uber Visa for a long time now because of the 4% on dining which is my biggest expense as an 18 year old college student. But It is my lowest SL of $750 but I was denied at first and I called in for a recon and answered some questions and bam $750 SL hopefully they increase it later at least I know it wasn't a waste of an inquiry. 

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Re: Uber Visa approved! (After recon)

Congrats! It sounds like you are making really good progress in building your credit.

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Re: Uber Visa approved! (After recon)

Wait did you get the Uber Visa card with less than one year of credit history? Thats impressive. Also did you happen to be an authorized user on your parent's account? I've been also looking to get this card but only have 10 months of credit history and 8 months AAoA

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Re: Uber Visa approved! (After recon)

Yes I was shocked also but keep in mind I had to recon so your YMMV I knew I was instantly going to be denied or not get approved instantly it would be a shock if I did so I had the phone ready and answered some questions and be honest if they do ask. I don’t even have a real fico score yet so I think barclay is a very YMMV bank compared to Chase where it’s data points proves that you need at least a year of history

Edit: No I was not an authorized user not that I know of but most likely not because I strictly said to not let them do it and If I was I most likely would have had a FICO score already
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Re: Uber Visa approved! (After recon)

Congrats on the approval. You have made some great progress for your thin credit file.

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Re: Uber Visa approved! (After recon)

Congrats, just be wary doing other apps around this oneSmiley Wink
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Re: Uber Visa approved! (After recon)


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Re: Uber Visa approved! (After recon)

Congrats. It's a great card. Probably my most used card over the last couple months.

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Re: Uber Visa approved! (After recon)

Congrats! I'm surprised that Barclays approved this with under a year history. The card is great though. After 6 months I'm sure it will grow.

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Re: Uber Visa approved! (After recon)

Hey thats great! congrats on the recon and approval!

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