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Ulta Rewards Mastercard

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Ulta Rewards Mastercard

I am weak...I knew I shouldn't have gone into Ulta today. Cashier said I was preapproved and could get double points and 20% off (I happened to be making a large purchase today). So I went ahead and applied. Approved for 1.5k Mastercard version. I actually shop here frequently and like the rewards better than Sephora, so I think it will be useful. I just wish Comenity didn't back all my favorite stores. But I only have PayPal and NY&Co with them, and I think that's enough Comenity exposure for me Smiley Happy Obviously the 2 store cards are going to be PIF cards so I'm not really going to worry myself over it. Off to grab another seedling... Smiley Sad 

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Re: Ulta Rewards Mastercard

Congrats on the pre-approval ad approval! I love far I have declined applying for the card but I fear my time is coming (lol)!

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