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Unexpected App Spree Results

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Unexpected App Spree Results

Last week, I entered the garden. Then, my FICO scores finally showed up and were higher than expected, so I quickly left the garden.


The results were the exact opposite of what I expected with my first app spree. I was approved for the cards I thought I couldn't get approved for and declined on the easier cards.



AMEX Blue: $1000

AMEX Green

Discover: $2500

GM Buypower: $500


Yes, they're small, but considering I just opened my first card 6 months ago and my highest CL is $3000, I'll take it and dance all over myself knowing they'll grow (well, not sure about Buypower, but I'll need a truck in a couple of years so I guess I'll be making multiple payments every month).



NFCU Platinum

Capital One Quicksilver

Amazon Store Card


From what I've read here (been reading every day for a month and half) and looking on CreditBoards app tracker, my results are the exact opposite of what I would have expected. I suppose the rapid-fire apps may have spooked the last three (I applied in the order they're listed with the first four wins and then the next three losses). I also assume my fair scores and multiple new accounts are more damaging to the last three than the first, but still, it's a little unexpected across the board.


Nonetheless, I'm ecstatic to get the cards I truly wanted. Now, I'll REALLY enter the garden for a year or two since I just loaded up on so many new accounts/inquiries I'm terrified about spooking the creditors I have. Thanks for all the advice I've received here.



Fresh FICOs from tonight:

EQ: 671

TU: 687

EX: 664


AAoA: 3 months

Oldest: 6 months


Current Cards:

BOA Alaska Air: $1500

DCU Platinum: $3000

CapOne Platinum: $400

Wayfair: $3300

Williams Sonoma: $2500

Overstock: $2100


4 recently opened and now closed accounts (Fingerhut, Credit One, another Credit One AU, Brylane Homes)


3 paid/released tax liens from 2015

No other baddies.


2% Utilization, all account zero balance except for one with 7% Utilization.

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Re: Unexpected App Spree Results

I'd strongly advise that you don't app at all for a long time.  At least a year.  You could get yourself into trouble.  You originally said you entered the garden and then within a week stepped out of it for a spree.  The biggest red flag is that you're getting denied for cards.  Any time you are getting multiple denials that's a sign that you shouldn't be apping.


Congrats on getting approved for the cards that you didn't think you could get, but I think it's time to sit back and enjoy them and really let your profile build.  Just my opinion.

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Re: Unexpected App Spree Results

If your current Cap 1 is less than 6 months old, that would be the reason for them denying the second card.  They require 6 months between cards.  Congrats on the approvals.

EQ 778 EXP 782 TU 729
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Re: Unexpected App Spree Results

Nice approvals. Getting Disco at $2500 was a great dealSmiley Happy. Id definetely call it a day. Looks like you got some great cards that will grow and if you have iit in you, id shoot for 2 years in the garden so when you come out you are standing strong. My opinion of course. Again congrats , see you in the Garden of FicoSmiley Wink
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Re: Unexpected App Spree Results

Congratulations on the approvals you did get, and sorry about the others.

Like BBS said, I would garden for at least a year and grow the cards that you have. Then you should be able to get even better cards with better limits. Since you are just starting out, you have plenty of time to grow the portfolio you want long term

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Re: Unexpected App Spree Results

Your oldest account is 6 months old and already youve closed 4 accounts????   Someone chain Federalist to the garden fence and take away his wifi

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Re: Unexpected App Spree Results

Congrats on your approvals Federalist! I agree with all the above fellow myficoer's you must enter the garden 😉
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