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Unify FCU Approval

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Unify FCU Approval

15K approval on variable rate visa. APR at 8.75%. 


Stats at time of approval

Bureau pulled: EQ

Unify Score: 719 (Fico 2)

Util: 16%

Last App: 05/17

Inquiries in past year on EX: 1

Asked for two paystubs, gave them 1 and my offer letter as I just started the job last month.

Asked for past three addresses, 3yr employment history, and if i got a bonus or commission, add my w2. I just put in N/A for that. I guess the only thing they didnt ask for was what blood type I was. Applied late last night, they called me first thing this morning, I supplied everything they asked for, they sent documents to be esigned, and by 3pm, the account was up and running


Any questions, let me know

400K+ in open revolvers. 8% UTIL,
Inquiries- TU:2, EQ:2, EX: 3
Starting Scores: 6/12 EX: 613 11/13 TU:614
06/18: F08EX: 781; F08EQ: 787; F08TU:769 Short term goal: 800+ across all 3 Bureaus. Last app 07/19 (BBVA Personal Loan - Approved with Hard pull).
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Re: Unify FCU Approval

Nice card and great SL.  That is quite a bit of info needed for just a CC app.  I really like the APR though.

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Re: Unify FCU Approval

Congrats on approval and monster SL !!!!

8-2019 / Fico 8 EX 8013 , EQ 8016 , TR 810
Amex ED 22k , CSP 17k , Discover iT 12.5k , Fifth Third Bank S2C 12k , BofA Cash Rewards 10k , Avianca Vida 10k , State Farm Good Neighbor Visa 10k , Citi DD 6k , Union Bank Rewards 5k
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Re: Unify FCU Approval

Congrats on approval! Excellent on SL and APR! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Unify FCU Approval

Congrats m8

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Re: Unify FCU Approval

Wow, that's a great SL, and quite an amazing APR.

I didn't know they ever went so low. Smiley Happy


Total Credit: $107,000Utilization: 1%AAoA: 2yrs, 4mthsAoOA: 3yrs, 1mthAoYA: 1yrs, 10mthsBaddies: 0

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