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Unintended app spree

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Unintended app spree

Back in March I applied for a US Bank Cash+. I wanted a credit card with 0% for a major expense($4000) and I also wanted Cash+ as my next card.
Approved - Yay! With a $500 SL - boo. Well, because of the card, I did become eligible for a US Bank Gold checking account which I applied for and was approved(with a $300 SUB). I had applied for a checking account last year with them but was denied(which I think was because I reside in TX). I've fulfilled the $4000 DD requirement but I'm still waiting on the bonus which I understand those may take up to 90 days to post.

Since a $500 CL was not going to cover my expense, the next step in my plan was to apply for a BofA CCR as I've had a card offer from them for a few months. The app was denied. However, a week or so later I got mail from them asking for a copy of my paystub. I sent it to them and a few weeks later I did get the card with a $4700 SL.

Since I had believed I was denied the CCR I needed a new plan. Without thinking clearly, I decided to apply for PenFed PCR. I was approved with a $11K SL. Finally had a card to make the purchase. Well, getting this card was a big mistake on my part because their 0% offer is for balance transfers only not for purchases. I just totally missed that. I guess because many of the cards I get come with 0% offers for both. I think a better option for me here would have been to apply for my second AMEX or my second Discover card.

It took several me weeks to even realize my mistake with the PenFed card. When I finally did I had to come up with yet another plan(other than paying off the PenFed card). It took me a while but I finally came up with having my wife apply for a Navy Platinum card and doing a BT from the PCR. I wasn't sure if she would get enough of a limit to cover it but I hoped it would cover at least the majority of it. She got her first Navy card(GORewards) last year with a $1000 SL. After hemming and hawing for a couple weeks, finally decided to pull the trigger. Approved! With a $25K SL at that.

We did not put in the BT request at the time of the application, so we had to wait 10 days after the approval to make the request online. And that was not going to make the grace period on the PenFed card.


I was worried the BT would not go through because the PenFed card is only in my name. But today I see that the balance on it has been paid off! Unfortunately, after $55 in interest charges. Yikes.

Besides having more inquiries and accounts(and interest charges) than I really wanted, overall we made out pretty well considering all the SUBs and the 2% cash back on the $4000 charge.


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Re: Unintended app spree

Congratulations on your approvals!

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Re: Unintended app spree

Grats to your and your DW on all the new cards Smiley Happy


Yeah that pesky elimination of purchases on the PenFed gets quite a few....

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Re: Unintended app spree

Congratulations on your approvals! 🎉

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Re: Unintended app spree

Congratulations on your spree approvals!

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Re: Unintended app spree

Congrats on your approvals!

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Re: Unintended app spree

Congrats on your approvals

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Re: Unintended app spree

Congratulations! I think we've all made a misstep or two in our calculations, it all ended well for you! 

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Re: Unintended app spree

WooHoo!! Congratulations on your spree of Approvals!!👏🏼🍾🥂

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Re: Unintended app spree

Congrats on your apps spree!!!

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