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United Nations FCU (UNFCU) Elite approval

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Re: United Nations FCU (UNFCU) Elite approval

@iamcleo wrote:

No he didn't. He said it showed up as a tradeline in EX. Not that the pull was from EX.

In the first post of this thread I did say that there was a hard pull from Experian.


"After having received severaI offer-to-apply emails over the last couple of months I pulled the trigger on applying online for an Elite card on Monday afternoon, uploading the requisite 2 pay stubs and validation of job/title, asking for the minimum ($15K) SL. That's enough for what I want the card for. I got an immediate notification of an EX HP."


Quod erat demonstrandum.


BTW the card comes with a Priority Pass Select membership with 5 free visits per year.  I got that card about 3 weeks after the CC arrived.



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