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Update: Approved Chase Freedom (thin filer/low fico)

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Update: Approved Chase Freedom (thin filer/low fico)

I want to provide some info on my progress along with some data points that could help future applicants with thin files.


-Age 33

-Location: Atlanta, GA

-Income: 97K

-9mos AAoA

-Active Account Types: 2 credit cards opened / 1 credit builder loan opened ($500)

-Total Credit Limit: $5200 (Discover - $2200 / USAA - $3000)

-Utilization: 1%

-Fico 680-695

-2 Baddies that has been paid off (about 3-4 yrs old)

-Counting this application puts me at 3/24


After about a year of credit rebuilding (dec 17' fico - 546).. I finally pulled the trigger and applied today through Chase Portal since I'm a Premier Checkings/Savings customer.. all I had to do was enter in my income in order to submit the app. Got an alert immediately and Chase pulled Exp which had a Fico8 score of 695. Obviously not an instant approval.. I then recieved an email saying, "We have received your request for a Chase credit card. We'll let you know our decision as soon as possible. Thanks for choosing Chase." Shortly after I called the recon line and got a robo lady saying that I should hear back in 30 days. As of 12/17/18.. this is my current status and will keep everyone posted.

Revolving Total- $8700 | Util- 1% | AAoA - 5yrs 4mos | AAoOA - 2yr 2mos | Inquiries - 0/24

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Re: Chase Freedom (thin filer/low fico)

It's probably they need more time reviewing, or they may need more information from you. I know someone else with a relatively thin file and applied for Freedom and got pending too, but was approved after simply waiting it out, so good luck on your app.

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Re: Chase Freedom (thin filer/low fico)

Definitely give it some time but call in every few days to see if the robo lady has changed her tune. 30 days means it is being reviewed. if it changes to 10 days, then it is either declined or verification. If it says 7-14 days then that's usually an approval.

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TCL - Est. $410K
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Re: Chase Freedom (thin filer/low fico)

Update: Applied on  Dec 17, 2018. 30day message via robo lady. Checked everyday and this morning it changed to 7-10day message. I called recon line and they needed security verification. After that was done, the lady was very nice and said thank you, and " I will be submitting your application for approval ". She came back 2 minutes later and said I got approved with a CL of $2500. I guess 30day -> 7-10days isn't always a bad thing! The whole call took less than 5 mins. What a great way to start 2019! Cheers everyone! Smiley Very Happy

Revolving Total- $8700 | Util- 1% | AAoA - 5yrs 4mos | AAoOA - 2yr 2mos | Inquiries - 0/24

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