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Us bank cash+

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Us bank cash+

Applied for us bank credit card on the 3rd of may. always wanted to have card got the pending message , i called in , they said it was being manually reviewed , called in today, approved 5k
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Re: Us bank cash+

Congrats on your new card 

When someone asks you *What's wrong*, and you're not sure if you want to start listing it in alphabetical or in order of importance.
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Re: Us bank cash+


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on your Approval and the AWESOME SL!!!

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Re: Us bank cash+

thank you!

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Re: Us bank cash+

A great card to have in the arsenal, grats on getting a good SL too Smiley Happy
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Re: Us bank cash+

Congrats on you US Bank Cash+ approval! 

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Re: Us bank cash+

Congrats on a new approval with US Bank Smiley Happy

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Re: Us bank cash+

BIG Congrats!!


From my experience and others' reports, the SL on this card should grow if you are starting with a decent limit. It seems that cards at $500 limits get stuck.


Even if you don't get an auto CLI within a year, US Bank is pretty good with granting CLIs when requested (at a cost of an HP, of course).



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Re: Us bank cash+

Congrats on the new card @shafico! -- us Cash+ card is pretty solid and definitely has earned its place in my lineup. Enjoy! 

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Re: Us bank cash+

Congrats on a great card and a nice SL from US Bank!

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