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Venture One Approved....But It's World Elite Mastercard

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Venture One Approved....But It's World Elite Mastercard

I had four C1 cards. Three platinum MCs with limits of $2,500, $2,000 and the third is a secured MC  with $500.  Also have a QS1 with a $2,000. Today I combined one of the platinums with the QS1 bringing the QS1 limit to $4,000. I'm going to combine the $2,500 platinum as soon I pay the $200 balance next week to give me a limit of $6,500. Secured cards are not eligible to be combined. 

  After that I decided to app the Venture One. I was seeking the high SL with no AF. All of the cards except for the secured are less than a year old and all started with lower limits but since all were in good standing, I was sure I woud at least get a SL of $5,000. I also have a growing savings account  and my pay is direct deposited to a C1 account.

I was only approved for $2,000. 

 So I go online and I see my new blue V1 card and I click the Benefits > Card Benifits tab at the top and it takes me to a page with a drop down list showing all of my cards. Interestingly, it lists all of my old cards as platinum including the QS1 and it list my new V1 as a World Elite Mastercard. Below is the language they use on the app and it doesn't mention WEMC or any MC. 


How Do You Determine My Credit Line?
We will determine your credit line after a review of your application and your ability to pay. If your application is approved, the minimum credit line you will receive is $2,000.


How Do You Determine Whether I Will Receive The Visa Signature Or Visa Platinum Card?
Your credit history and application will be reviewed to determine your credit line. In many cases, approved credit lines of $5,000 or greater will receive a Visa Signature card. If you are approved for a credit line less than $5,000, you will receive a Visa Platinum card. Some terms and benefits are not available with the Visa Platinum card. See our Complete Guide to Credit Card Benefits for Visa Platinum card benefit information.
Anyway it's no big deal. I'll request a CLI after 90 days and after 6 mos. I'll combine the V1 with the QS1. Just thought I would share that. Hope it helps someone.
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Re: Venture One Approved....But It's World Elite Mastercard

You must have apped on a website other than Cap1 to get the WEMC status. They dont offer it. I went to a site knowing they had a QS WEMC. Venture is Visa Sig which I apped on their site. Once that secured hits 1 year. Graduate it or really ask now to unsecured it. Wait the 6 months and combine. JMO.

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Re: Venture One Approved....But It's World Elite Mastercard

It may not be where You want it now but .......moving CL will get you to your comfort zone or jus allow to grow.

Good job on approval!!!! Though!!!!!

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