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Victoria Secrect SCT


Re: Victoria Secrect SCT

We try to stay away from stickying posts as much as possible as causes alot of scrolling/clutter at top a perfect example of one that honestly holds probably more merit is NFCU CLI or Amex 3x CLI, but as you can see those aren't stickied either.  Hopefully readers do their own research prior to applying for credit by SCT or whatever other thing they are thinking about doing.  Bottom line anytime anyone asks for credit/cli they should EXPECT A HP as they are indeed asking for credit

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Re: Victoria Secrect SCT

@19eighty5 wrote:

@FireMedic1 wrote:

I had a thread that proved since Sept/Oct that the SP SCT is dead. No more tricks. Just HP's. Sorry this happened.

@Moderators - Is there any way we can sticky @FireMedic1's thread about SCT to the credit cards forums to make it easier to find this? It sucks that search results (assuming people are searching) don't push this thread to the top. Maybe not the best thing to do for the forum but I hate to see people learning this lesson the hard (pun intended) way :/

If it’s a card you want, a HP shouldn’t matter imo. 

Op congrats on the card you didn’t want 😀

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Victoria Secrect SCT

@KingClaiborne wrote:

how are they on the CLI and when should that option be available??



They give regular clis if you use the card.

Mine is at $4000 and I received all the clis from a SP via the button online.

At first they were 300, then up to $750 each time. Perhaps I could've called & upped it faster but it grew well enough for my purposes. 




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Re: Victoria Secrect SCT

FYI, all Comenity cli req via the button on the account site, is subject to HP now as well.  Just a heads up.  Its stated but I know a lot of ppl dont care to read the fine print.

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Re: Victoria Secrect SCT

Congrats on your approval !!!



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