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Walmart Credit Card Approval

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Re: Walmart Credit Card Approval

C1 is tight on the SL for the WMT MC card.  Not activating it doesn't take back the HPs/ being on your reports now.  Use it for the CB.


As others have noted,  the CLI amounts are typically conservative as well.  I was guessing our SL would be at least $5000.  Instead,  it opened at $1000.  That was in 2020.  Requested a CLI in 2021 and got it to $1500.  Currently at $2500.   



@Mike1014805 wrote:

So I had the walmart credit card, but I closed it a long time ago. Well, I called capital one, asked them to reopen it and they did. They wanred me they might pull my credit if I was offered the Mastercard version, which I was fine with. Anyway, I was eligble for the Mastercard version, but they lowered my limit. I went from $2000 in credit to $500. I was told it was because my card was technically closed and I was being offered the Mastercard version now. 

Anyway, how hard is it to get a CLI with them? $500 is a pretty low limit...should I bother acitvating the card or just let it remain as an inquiry on my report? 


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Re: Walmart Credit Card Approval


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Re: Walmart Credit Card Approval

I received an auto CLI from $2k to $4K at the exact 6 month date.   I used about $500 per month and PIF every month.  

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Re: Walmart Credit Card Approval

Congratulations 🎊 

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