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Wells Fargo CLI

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Re: Wells Fargo CLI

tennisfan78 wrote:

Hammer23 wrote:

Called today... 


Soft Pull went from $700 to $900 (my smallest limit of any card) 


I have my checking, savings, 401K, mortgage, brokerage, and this credit card with Wells. 


Started 12/11 with a $500 limit and have went to $900 after 13 months.... 


Oh well, at least there is no fee and it was only a soft pull... back to the sock drawer it goes. 

Wow, with so much banking relationship, it is kind of ridiculous to see that small CLI.

yeah im actually surprised also cuz WF is know to also take in consideration the banking relationship history you have with them. I have a 2 checkings, 2 savings, mortgage and car loan with them, even though i do have a secured CC with them they gave me an auto CLI on the card with no deposit required. My dad has checking, savings, brokerage and has a CC with a 18000 limit and mom just got one with a 8500 limit. But it may also depend how often you use the card.

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Re: Wells Fargo CLI

ObeyJohnny12 wrote:

Was it automated or did you speak to a rep.

Spoke to a rep. No automated option for a CLI. The rep was very very pleasant. Offered to send my request for more than $200 to an analyst, but said it would be a HP if we did that. I said no thank you. She really was a pleasure to talk to though! 

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Re: Wells Fargo CLI

Good to know.  I've had my College Card since October 2012.  I was hoping to get a 6-month CLI, think I should continue waiting until April(ish)?


I was also thinking about closing my checking/savings accounts with them next week, as I posted recently.  Hope that won't hurt my chances at a CLI with them.  Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Wells Fargo CLI

Asked for a cli today since i have a 3.5k card, no luck afaik. Said they would send a letter.
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Re: Wells Fargo CLI

I also called for a soft pull CLI today. Was told that I would receive a letter either way, and that if the CLI was approved (I requested a CLI from $500 to $5000), it would appear in my online banking account in about an hour. This was about 2 hours ago, and nothing yet, so not getting my hopes up. Strange that they had to review it, since last time I asked for a CLI they did it during the call (although they came back with a counter offer).

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Re: Wells Fargo CLI

I have been doing WF CLIs via soft pull every 6 months too. During my heavy banking days with them (and bad credit), they gave me a $3200 secured CC. It was unsecured +auto CLI to $4200 an year later but I was upset to not get any higher because I thought they would see the heavy banking across multiple accounts. I severed all banking relationship except the CC and moved to DCU at that time. Since last year after scores got really high, I started requesting CLI and have gone from $4,200 to $10,000 to $17,500.


A rep I spoke to told me that it is a good idea to do this every 6 months(she did that herself and knew the game well!) as it is just a Soft Pull. They are very conservatiive and respect FICO scores more than banking relationship unless you are wealthy enough to indulge in Private Banking.

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Re: Wells Fargo CLI

Happychap wrote:

I have a WF card but it says on their site that you have to wait at least 12 months to requet a cli. I always thought it was an HP for cli fro mreading. So you saying its a SP?

its every 60 days if you want to initiate a CLI.


they have been giving me auto CLI every 4-9 months during my past 7 years with them. I also started out with a college card with them when I was 18.

Only until this year I started requesting for CLI rather than waiting for their auto increases. So far I've asked for CLI twice in 2013, both approved and both were SPs.

In my experience they've always been easy-going. When I applied I had 1 year 0% APR, and they extended it by a year, and then another year after that. And then after that all along they have given me really low APR rates. I used max out my cards and stuff too; no FR or anything. They're not as generous as AMEX when it comes to CLI however.

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