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Wells Fargo approval - Question about BT with low SL

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Wells Fargo approval - Question about BT with low SL

I received a pre-selection notice from WF, pulled the trigger based on the 0% BT offer. Was approved instantly, but for a $6k starting line. I was a bit surprised at how low this was compared to my other accounts until I read a thread with someone else's comments that matched mine...


Here's my question, however...  During the app process I entered two BT's, each for $7k (total $14k). Now that the approval came thru at $6k, what happens to the BTs?  (Zero info on this scenario on WF site, and a call in resulted in "we can't discuss your account until you receive your card" so I'm looking for data points...)  My preference is that they simply don't fund either of them, and I'll throw this one in the drawer. But any data points on this type of situation would be wonderful. 



I don't yet know which CR(s) they pulled (no alert from any as of yet, which is odd to me because inquiry notifications are normally very quick).

In the past year I divorced, changed jobs and relocated to a new state, so here's my stats: 

Income = $144k + $20k average bonus, 2018 W2 @ $176k

FicoScore8 (from 3B ran today): 731(EX), 730(TU), 722(EX)

Overall utilization showing at 22% with about $50k reported balances across 13 cards(EQ, TU, EX), but revolving is actually closer to $45k 

AAA = 8.2 years(EQ), 8.5(TU), 8.3(EX)

Recent Inquiries = 4(EQ), 2(TU), 3(EX)

Newest account = 2 months (NFCU 3rd card with $25k SL in June) 

Nothing negative

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Re: Wells Fargo approval - Question about BT with low SL

The first one will be funded to the tune of 6K or the max they otherwise allow on a BT. Grats on getting the card !

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Re: Wells Fargo approval - Question about BT with low SL


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Re: Wells Fargo approval - Question about BT with low SL

Congrats on the approval Smiley Happy..  Hard to see between all these Apple approvals

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