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What a great journey

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What a great journey

A little over 3 years ago I joined this forum with credit scores in the low to mid 500s. Needless to say I have learned so much from all of you here. 2 years ago I recieved my first prime card with a CL of over $5K from Chase. Today, after 2 years in the garden I decided to see just how far I had come and had a mini spree. I apped for Citi, Discover, Chase Saphire Preferred and Wells Fargo Cash Wise as well as requesting a CLI from my BOA Cash Rewards. After the applications I came back with a mixed bag. Citi and Discover were immediate denials. Wells Fargo was an automatic approval with a SL of $10,000, my first 5 digit CL and my BOA was raised from $1600 to $5000. Chase gave me the 30 day message. So using what I have learned here I decided to call in. After a few verification questions and a few anxious moments on hold, I was rewarded with an approval and a SL of $16K. 


Now I am proud to say that I have come from only having a Credit One card with $750 limit to my DW and I having the cards in my sig with a total CL of over $85K. Definitely could not have done it without all the support and information here. Thank you all for everything. 


Only data points I have right now are Discover pulled EQ and score was 683. Income $144K, Util 32%, 2 baddies 6 years old


Now if I could just figure out how to crack Discover and Citi. Any chance with either of them on recon or is it a lost cause? It's become personal now. Ha.


Thanks again everyone.

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Re: What a great journey

Congrats on the approvals and meeting your goals. Discover was the hardest for me as well; it took four applications before I was finally approved (this was back in 1998-1999). Keep trying once your new cards and inqiuiries age. Have they offered a secured version? Would you be willing to get a secured Discover? 

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Re: What a great journey

I wouild not consider a secured card at this point. I definitely would have a few years back, but not at this time.


I know everyone is different and had their own underwriting criteria, but I would not think they would be so different that I could get $16K from Chase & 10K from Wells Fargo and a straight out denial from Citi. All of those were on EX, Discover was EQ. Just interesting I think.


I plan on letting the new stuff age and trying them again in 6 mos or a year.  We shall see what time brings.

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Re: What a great journey

Sweet, great progress and enjoy the new cards Smiley Happy

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- Rhonda Byrne

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Re: What a great journey

Congratulations on the success of your journey...stay positive...Smiley Happy

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Re: What a great journey

Congrats on the approvals

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