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Whohoo! Finally CLI Amex and CSP!! w/collections - UPDATE and now another Discover CLI!

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Re: Whohoo! Finally CLI Amex and CSP!! w/collections

UPDATE!! Went for the Discover CLI yesterday - got the usual 2 day message - looked online today; whoop! Increased another $3K!!  YASSSS! last one was less than 45 days ago, finally on the big bumps - opened October 2015 with $5500 limit - now at $11,000 CL - thanks Disco!!

TU-812 EQ-820 EX-807 - Barclays cash forward 30K, Lowes 25K, Amex Everyday 50K, Fidelity 25K, Care Credit 25k, Walmart 10K, Discover 41K, Chase Sapphire Pref 10K, Macys 9K, many other store and retail cards - Oldest line 14yrs - Average Age 2.5yr, 8% UTI, 11 open credit cards - $230k total limit
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