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Why oh why did I do it?? (Overstock)

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Re: Why oh why did I do it?? (Overstock)

@Caleb87 wrote:
So i got the pre approval for overstock so now i wonder... Do i have to complete the purchase on order to get the card? If i hit accpt does it automatically complete the purchase?

You don't have to complete the purchase, you can delete the item from cart after approval.  If approved, the item does not get charged.

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Re: Why oh why did I do it?? (Overstock)

I can't believe how expensive is!

I keep comparing stuff to Amazon and it's like 2x as expensive!

I had a $25 credit for some reason and tried finding something and settled on an silicone ice cube tray.

$20, $10 on Amazon, but since it was 'free' I didn't mind.

Def keeping my $350 card in the sock drawer!
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