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Winter Mini-Spree :)

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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)


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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)

@CreditMagic7 wrote:


Thanks Magic!

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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)

Nice work on the mini spree! Congrats!!


Smiley Happy






Chapter 7: Discharged November 2015
11/15 Fico 8: EQ-585, TU-550, EX- 551
07/16 Fico 8: EQ-703, TU-695, EX- 660
09/16 Post App Spree Fico 8: EQ-675, TU-675, EX-663
Cap One Platinum $2K>$4K, Cap One Quicksilver $3K, Discover $1,600, SPGVisa $4500, Red Roof Inn Siggy Visa $5K, Good Sam/Camping World Visa $1800, Overstock $7K, Lowe's $6K, NFCU Cash Rewards Visa $4600, NFCU CLOC $15K, PenFed Promise Visa $10,500, Evine $1K, CreditOne Visa $600|Total CL: $153K
Garden until September 2018 (I'll be in the pumpkin patch)!

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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)


LOL that user name😄😎😄👍

wells.jpg 2chase navychase east westchase us bankimg src=ChaseFreedom_F.inddC_DP7_EMV_MNLW_18-PID 257.epsnavy fedBCE&ED|Chase|NFCUcc&CLOC|WF|Cash+|ElanFin.|Dia'md prefer.|PF|Gard'N since 6/23/2017|TOTAL CL$111.2K !!!NOIIICE!!!
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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)

Well done.  Do you use all of your cards every month?

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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)


EXP: 753 - EQ: 744 - TU: 740
CHase Sapphire Reserve: 17.3k CL
Citi Rewards+: 11.5k CL
Discover IT: 10.5k CL
Amazon Store: 10k CL
Mercedes Auto Loan 32k @ 0.99%

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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)

@credit_is_crack wrote:

@MugenCivicSi83 wrote:

@credit_is_crack wrote:

Went on a small winter spree... went on a crazy streak last year so luckily the majority have aged at least a year and I think I got a lineup that is netting me rewards for things I already buy, but I've become disciplined enough to not just blow money to 'get rewards'. It was not easy to finally be able to flex that muscle, but it feels good especially since in Feb 2015 I was barely approved for my $500 Cap1 platinnum card with scores around 590's. Scores are now TU 703, EQ 723, EX 702 -- still got room to go, but 750's here I come! Thanks myfico'ers -- I've gotten so much accomplished from the insight of this community! It's Awesome!


With these updates heading back to the garden until Nov 2017...but may shoot for May 2018 Smiley Happy


NPSL Amex Premier Rewards Gold

$25,000 NFCU CashRewards Visa Signature --- $10,000 SP CLI APPROVED!

$20,000 Ritz-Carlton Rewards Visa Infinite

$20,000 PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature

$16,000 Amazon Rewards Visa Signature

$14,000 USAA Rewards MasterCard

$5,000 Amex Blue Cash Preferred

$5,000 Discover IT Cash Rewards --- $500 SP CLI APPROVED!

$5,000 USAA Preferred CashRewards Visa Signature

$5,000 Capital One Quicksilver Visa Signature ---- JUST APPROVED!

$5,000 PenFed Platinum CashRewards Visa --- (SP) JUST APPROVED!

$5,000 USAA CashRewards Visa

$4,000 Apple Rewards Visa

$3,700 Citi DoubleCash World Elite MasterCard

$2,000 Marvel MasterCard --- JUST APPROVED!

$1,550 JCPenney Card

$500 BankAmericard CashRewards Visa ($99/$500 deal -- going to check on this one in JAN..hopefully SP graduation and CLI, if not I'm not wasting any HP's and will just sit tight until they do it on their own


My signature is definitely out of date. Dont get me wrong, credit still is my crack, but at least now I'm a high functioning addict LOL

Congrats! Your profile looks way better than mine but I went on a spree the last 2 weeks as well!


NPSL AMEX PRG (Approved)

$11,000 Pen PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature (Approved)

$7,500 Fidelity Visa Signature (Approved)

$5,000 Chase Sapphire Preferred (Approved)

$4,500 Discover IT (Approved)

$3,000 Capital One Quicksilver One (Approved)

$3,000 Barclay Arrival + (Approved)

$2,000 Barclay Apple Rewards (Approved)

$3,400 Wells Fargo Platinum Visa (AUTO CLI)

$1,000 Chase Freedom (was CLI'd to $3,500 but then reduced by $2500 to borrow for CSP!)


Working on my build from Switzerland starting in December.

Wow Noooooiiiiiccceee!! I went on a spree...yours feel like you went on a bender lol but I assure you, No Judgements From Me! Nice Job on the Approvals! I suspect we have a common problem...WAY TOO MANY INQUIRIES! Great grabs -- solid lineup with some solid banks. Keep it going! 

Haha! a bender Smiley LOL Actually those were my only inquiries. Every one I applied for I was approved for with the exception of the CITI Double Cash. Smiley Wink

FICO 8 Scores: EX 706 (11/3/2016) EQ 696 (11/17/16) TU 708 (11/17/2016)

"Use your Credit wisely, don't let it use you!"~Me Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)

nice run there, congrats to you

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
BK7 D/C- 08/2013
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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)

Congratulations on your successes! Very nice! Smiley Happy

Favorite Cards : ~ Citi Double Cash World Elite MasterCard ~
~ American Express Blue Cash Preferred ~ Chase Hyatt Visa Signature ~
~ Citi AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard ~ Citi Prestige ~ Alaska Airlines Visa Signature ~ Discover it Miles ~
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Re: Winter Mini-Spree :)

@LiLCeeZ wrote:

Well done.  Do you use all of your cards every month?

Thank you! I use 5 cards every week like clockwork (groceries, gas, dining, barber) and I have 5 others that cover all the monthly bills (light, phone, insurance, cable, credit stuff). Those 10 (greatest rewards) get used every month. 


3 others get used for specific charges or categories (amazon, discover & amex for the random deals) - always used at least once in 45 days-ish. And like any good stash, 4 for the plain ole sock drawer (oldest accounts) and i'll put 2 or 3 charges on them once every 5-6 months just to keep a pulse going there. it's actually pretty easy to track once you get used to it. its almost like working out. at first your resistant and it can be painful at times..but a ways down the road it gets addicting quickly lol 

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