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X1 Approval

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X1 Approval

Invite arrived, reminding me of the curiousity that I had for this card.   First thought was to not apply but I clicked and again became interested.

* Process was simple and consistent with what others have described.  I linked (via plaid) one bank account.

* This card IMO will be a disruptor in the marketplace.   Emphasis on income and cash-on-hand.   Not the old-skewl way of doing things and seemingly a very well thought-out methodology.


I was instant approved $43.5K

No where near my highest cards but likely my highest starting CL.

Card is suposedly going to arrive in a few days, but not likely to arrive before I depart for holiday so it will be a while before I have it in-hand.


I see where others have provided info to get a larger CL.   I was toying with the idea of transfering money into my bank account and asking them to take another look.    I don't need it, but I'm fascinated/curious to learn more about how they come up with CL's and if having more cash (visible to them) on hand might affect CL


BTW, using plaid is similar to how AMEX Kabbage business lines of credit are done.

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Re: X1 Approval

Congratulations on your X1 approval!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

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Re: X1 Approval

Congratulations on your new "disruptor" approval!

Scores as of May 20, 2024:

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Re: X1 Approval

Nice hefty approval you received there! Congrats!!! 


Goal: FICO 700+
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Re: X1 Approval



Congratulations on your approval. That is an awesome CL!


Have you seen a HP yet?


I got one a few days after the approval.



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Re: X1 Approval

Congrats on the solid approval!

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Re: X1 Approval

I linked them to an account with only $1k balance and got a $42k CL. So I am not sure cash on hand is that important. I think it is cash-flow and seeing deposits and other factors. 


There are plenty recorded here with incomes double mine and deposits higher than mine getting less credit line. 

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Re: X1 Approval

Congrats on your X1 approval 👍🏼

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Re: X1 Approval

Congrats on The X1 approval!

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Re: X1 Approval

Grats on your X1 approval Smiley Happy

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