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X1 Approved - BUT BEWARE

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Re: X1 Approved - BUT BEWARE

WOW!  I would be upset by that as well.  I am a fan of X1 and have not had any issues with them in the 9 months i have had it.  I ran quite a few large charges through in my first month (nearly doubled my $40K limit) and had no issues.  It may have been a few days before the first charge and I do pay the full balance as soon as it appears in the app.  But either way I would expect some communication at time of approval if they want you to limit what you spend, that really is a bad experience and I am sorry that happened to you.  Very frustrating!!

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Re: X1 Approved - BUT BEWARE

@AI_JMV wrote:

Well, it's been a minute since I have peeked out of the garden.  I am getting ready to app spree and noticed this X1 card with the SP etc etc.  I applied and was approved last night for 30.5k SL.  Loaded the card into my wallet seamlessly and went to use it today.  A $3500 charge.  Declined. I texted and emailed support and here was their response. Still shaking my head:


Unfortunately this transaction is too large given the age of your account. As with many credit cards, new accounts may experience restrictions on large transactions. You should be able to utilize your full limit over time as your account history with X1 builds.
X1 Team


WHAT THE (mod cut-not here pls)... What is the point of a credit limit then?? Also.. what is the arbitrary purchase limit that DOES work for them and won't be declined?? Are you NUTS?! Not a CHANCE will I ever use this card again after this. Can you imagine trying to use this after a dinner with clients etc? And get declined LOL (mod cut). So, I guess this will just look nice on my credit report since I will NEVER use this card again. 



To begin with, congrats on the approval!


Certain lenders tend to be nervous nellies to start out with. (Chase, I'm looking at you!) and others simply LOVE huge transactions and PIF (Cap One, BoA, PNC, FNBO, Amex, Discover, Elan and most of my CU's never blinked on >$5K purchases. Chase declined a $300 purchase at Frys Electronics and an $87.66 purchase at Langers Deli in the beginning!) Now that I've been with Chase for a while, they've been 90% more dependable but still have declined, thrown out a "was this you?" text, I respond yes and then they'll approve on 2nd try issue on some purchases. This also goes along with allowing the Chase app to use GPS location on my phone, so I believe this helps as well.


X1 saying that they downright will NOT approve a transaction which is a mere 12% of your CL is absurd though. I wonder if they would've allowed that amount broken into 3 separate swipes from the same merchant to process? (I've had this work before when I had an issue with a clients Comdata MC paying my company.)



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Re: X1 Approved - BUT BEWARE

@AI_JMV So sorry that happened to you . . . The same thing happened to me when I attempted to use my Amex Business Card the first time and I was chatging $10k. I used another credit card and called them and they explained the decline and building a relationship. Yep, I was initially upset but certainly understand their position. I have since been able to make large purchases on it. Don't give-up so fast. Best wishes!!!

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