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X1 thuggin' **update**

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X1 thuggin' **update**



🍾🤯🎆 Aint she purdee✨ ☝🏾




1)The friend applied and got 20k 🥳 Strange because, his income is higher than mine and the account he linked (after 4 different tries) is a savings account with like 2k. Also, his APR is better than mine. (He is giving his codes to family with insane credit and income so... 🤷🏿 it looks like higher incomes aren't getting approved as much)

2.) The random I gave it to that got stuck apparently didn't get it (I didn't get an email saying someone I invited...4xs points...) and when I've asked, she reads the message but doesn't reply. Before, she replied right away, even asking me what to do when she got stuck and asking my opinion on strategy etc, so 🤦🏿

3) the other random was approved as well, just didn't apply right away. She got $18.5k and her income is double mine and from what she said, our credit scores are really similar (although she did just get a house and car) so 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 (she is giving her codes to family, her first person was denied 😑 and she said she thought they stood a chance)


I honestly didn't think i would get this card. I had only recently found out about it and Im generally up on all things credit 🤷🏾 I knew that I was so far down on the wait list and I had ALMOST given up!! I joined forums and groups to see the experience of others. So, I decided to do what any self respecting credit enthusiast would do 💁🏿‍♂️ I asked, and asked and asked and asked! I found that most of the people in the forums are nasty, nasty for no reason. Like, what is the point of the forum??? Several people offered up codes but they had reached their limits. Again, I gave up.... and then some random person sent an inbox and asked my stats, which I thought was odd! But, then I thought, I've given stats on here, so whats the big deal??? I told him my income and all 3 scores! Again, whats the big deal? I don't use my name, there is no photo and nothing that links me to me! He responded a day later saying that he wanted to give his last code to someone who at least stood a chance! So, I pulled the plug and jumped in head first before I could even give him thanks for his kindness. I went through the motions and was approved for $21,500. I was a little selfish and felt entitled because I had seen higher limits with less income and lower credit scores. But, then I had to bring myself back to reality. My daddy would always say, "the world don't owe you s**t son"... I was grown before I understood that. So, here i was approved for a card that I didn't think I'd get which I  wouldn't have if it wasn't for the kindness of a complete stranger (I sent a sincere thank you) . So, I decided to do the same and pay-it-forward, giving my code to 2 randoms and a friend. 


1. The friend hasn't applied yet and acts as if he really doesn't want to so 🤦🏾‍♂️

2. The one random that I gave it too applied and got stuck on the confirmation page and is currently awaiting a reply from X1

3. %&@(@^%$& Flatterspattin $^@())@%$$ (no comment)


I applied on Friday and received the card on Tuesday!

***I DID GET A HARD PULL ON EXPERIAN 2 DAYS LATER*** but I was ok because I had 0 inquiries and this is now my highest limit (previously multiple 10k limits).  

Side-side note, I've had a very interesting credit journey and all due to what I've learned here. I started out with a $300 limit with C1 and babied them and was rewarded greatly with 6 additional cards and decent limits! So, I've got every major card out there 🙈 Credit is a journey... NOT a destination!!!

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Re: X1 thuggin'

Congrats on the new metal👍

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Re: X1 thuggin'

Good for you! Congratulations!

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Re: X1 thuggin'

Congratulations and welcome to the club!

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Re: X1 thuggin'

Congrats on your new X1

>>current scores 12/11/21
EQ Fico9 759 | TU Fico9 763 | EX Fico9 768
EX fico 8 753 | EQ Fico8 745 | TU Fico 8 760 | Navy score 294
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Re: X1 thuggin'

Congrats on all your progress and the nice approval! Credit is definitely a journey but FICOforums is the destination lol.

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Re: X1 thuggin'

Congrats on your nice X1 approval! Looking to get one in the future.

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Re: X1 thuggin'

Congratulations on the new card!


"I found that most of the people in the forums are nasty, nasty for no reason. Like, what is the point of the forum???"


Maybe some people find it easier to be rude behind a keyboard? Either way, I hope you keep contributing as it helps all members. Don't let a few spoil the entire experience. Unless you're just kidding and I missed it Smiley Very Happy

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Re: X1 thuggin'

Congratulations on your X1 approval!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

Current FICO 8 | 9 (April 2024):  
Credit Age:  
Inquiries (6/12/24):  
Banks & CUs:

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Re: X1 thuggin'

Congratulations on the X1 account approval!

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