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Yet another CSR approval

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Yet another CSR approval

Got approved in branch at 17k... for those that wonder here are some specifics. 


Scores are roughly 775 across board

Utilization: 1%

Derogs: 0

AAoA: 3y6m

Pre existing inquiries: 2


Pre existing cards are below. After I get the new card the CSP will be going away (never thought I would ax my CSP... But times change).


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Re: Yet another CSR approval

Congrats!  Did you move limit to it from another card?

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Re: Yet another CSR approval

Congrats! You may want to simply convert the CSP into a Freedom or Freedom Unlimited for mega point generation rather than just wasting the account...

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Re: Yet another CSR approval

I did move 16.5k from my csp after approval, which left the csp at 5k. Smiley Happy
It would make sense for me to convert the csp over to a FU. A 5% freedom wouldn't do me very well as I seldom take advantage of the rotators. Thanks for the suggestion!
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