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amex 3x cli, question about date.

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amex 3x cli, question about date.

so i know i got approved for amex on 4/7/2013.  when i got the card and the paperwork about a week later, this date is on it although with a bunch of numbers before it so i'm not sure what that means.  


so i was counting down all this time for the 61 day increase but when i called customer service just to confirm, they said account was opened april 17th.  yet, i made my first purchase on the 15th. 


i'm confused.  i looked everywhere, online, on credit report, but there is no date i can find, other than april 2013.  i read and reread the thread, but still can't get an answer.  


was the customer rep just wrong?  or do i now reset my 61 day starting on 4/17.  


anyone have an idea or an answer?  


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Re: amex 3x cli, question about date.

I would just say the 17th to be on the safe side...

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Re: amex 3x cli, question about date.

If I have Amex online account u can log in and look at the part where it says recent charges, under neath it would say "since ___" I am assuming that is the date you start counting.. Tht is what I am doing for my Amex as well.

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