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amex recon Successful

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Re: amex recon Successful

Standard Gold card..  719 experian in original decline letter

Chase Sapphire Reserve $32.5K, Amex BCP $20K, Amex PRG NPSL, Amex Hilton Surpass $13,500, Amex Hilton $16,200, Discover it $16,000, Citi TYP $18,900, US Bank Cash+ Visa Sig $12,000, Virgin Atlantic World Elite MC $13,100, Merrill+ Visa Sig $10,000, Fidelity Visa Sig $14,000, Barclay Cash Forward $16,500, Wells Fargo Rewards $12,500, Local CU $7000, Barclay Apple Rewards $5500, Chase Freedom $5000,-- EQ FICO 768, EX FICO 777, TU FICO 781
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Re: amex recon Successful

Nice Congrats Smiley Happy

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Re: amex recon Successful

Odd, i got approved for a standard Gold when my scores were lower/mid 600s...

AmEx PRG (NPSL) | AmEx Costco ($8.2K) | AmEx Delta Gold ($19.3K) | AmEx BCE ($5K) | Chase United Explorer ($10K) | Chase Sapphire Preferred ($7.5K) | Chase Freedom ($8.2K) | Discover it ($3K) | Capital One Quicksilver ($2.5K) | PayPal Extras ($2.5K) | Lowes ($3.3K) | Walmart ($4.3K) | Amazon ($2.5K) | Restoration Hardware ($8.8K) | Crate & Barrel ($8.3K)
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Re: amex recon Successful

what was the denial reason? 


applied for PRG 


i'm re-faxing a EX-CR and recon letter...denied due to fc/bk/repo/garn/stud loans---i have none of these issues reporting..still denied for same reasons...told to refax report today....this has been going on since 12-14-12...i'm not giving up- their reasons for denial are not valid! 

Last App Oct 2013...applied and received Amex PRG and Blue Sky!
FICO -Walmart = 779
Credit Karma = 781
EX-766, EQ 772, TU-759
Goal: 800
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