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...and back to the garden I go!

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Re: ...and back to the garden I go!

@Jago22 wrote:

@K-in-Boston wrote:

@lpavelchak0204 wrote:

I hope to be there some day. I tried to hang out in the garden but got the boot for doing a SSL without a HP. I thought gradening was about not incurring HP's but I was wrong.


Gardening is about avoiding HPs and not opening new trade lines.  You are welcome back at any time.  We like to say that it's an open door policy, but as you can tell from certain people like @tcbofade and myself, it's sometimes more of a revolving door policy.

Smiley Sad  I feel so left out j/k.         I felt like the revolving door there for a few months lol

Hey, I said “certain people like @tcbofade and myself.” That’s you!

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Re: ...and back to the garden I go!

Congratulations, tcbo!!! Nice cards and nice increases! 😀
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Re: ...and back to the garden I go!

Thanks Bella... I am thrilled with my results, but now of course, I have to sit on my hands again....


itch, itch.... itchity itch....

01/01/20 Fico 8: EX 711, EQ 712, TU 724.
01/05/20 Fico 9: EX 678, EQ 691, TU no idea...

Zero percent financing is where the devil lives...
Sitting in the garden behaving myself. #noinqs2020
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