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bank of america CLI to 10,000 from 2500

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Re: bank of america CLI to 10,000 from 2500

Downgraded my cash rewards visa signature to visa platinum, I want my card to report the credit limits. The customer are executive told me that I can upgrade later when ever I want,. And the cash back rewards are the same on visa platinum as well. . Now I have 3 cards with 5 figure. Thanks for everyone.
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Re: bank of america CLI to 10,000 from 2500

FinStar wrote:

SRAGS wrote:


 This card will not report the limit on the CR since it is a Visa Signature product.  Only the balance (high credit) on this card will be reported whenever any of the following occur: (a) mid-cycle reporting if any changes occur on your account (i.e. address changes, product changes, etc) and/or (b) if you let any balance report at the end of the statement cycle.


Not entirely correct. The daily high balance will be reported in lieu of the credit limit and will be used in absence of the credit limit for FICO scoring.

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