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citi prestige...

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Re: citi prestige...

@Anonymous wrote:

So, finally applied this one over the weekend so that I could use the 4th night benefit and got approved. The card came today with Fedex. People say it comes in the black box... but there was no black box and it's kind of disappointing for the presentation of the card with $450 annual fees. I could not even find the card first... a bunch of papers stack in the envelope lol. Regardless, got a nice SL of 29k heh.

29k wow.... Sweet indeed.... Congrats 👌🏼

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Re: citi prestige...

Congrats on your approval!!!

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Re: citi prestige...

I was disappointed at the quality Smiley Sad... for the AF you'd think it'll be a better material, but nope... my student card was better quality than this lol 😭😭

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Re: citi prestige...

Congrats! Nice SL!
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