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cli’s, cld, an approval and a question

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Re: cli’s, cld, an approval and a question

congrats on the CLIs!

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Re: cli’s, cld, an approval and a question

@Mia25 wrote:

@JoMellow wrote:


Neiman’s CLI – from $19k to $25k

Target CLI – from $800 to $1,200

WalMart CLI from $8k to $12k

Discover CLI from $32,300 ti $34,300

and a cld from Care Credit from $7,200 to $6,000 (lack of use)


Also, since was at the 60 day mark with PenFed, I app’d the Platinum Rewards – approved $5k


Its seriously time to start closing some cards… (been saying that awhile) I just don’t have that many that I don’t ever use. Except Care Credit – which explains the cld.


Also - does anyone know if Elan is combining the Fidelity Visa’s? I have 2 now since I had the Amex and the Visa from FIA and would prefer just to have one.

Very nice job, congrats on the CLI's


I am curious about combining FIA visa's. I have two and I am not sure if they will let me have just one close to $100 K

Mia - I called and asked for them to combine the accounts since it was silly to have 2 identical cards. She took the information, forwarded it to a supervisor and I got a letter in the mail 2 weeks later that they had combined limit.  Definitely worth a try; but I can't say for sure they would agree to it with your gigantic limit.  Something to ponder.

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