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eBay MC Approval - Low SL?

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Re: eBay MC Approval - Low SL?

@ocheosa wrote:


@tussking wrote:

On the phone with Synch overseas they did a SP and said "Sorry we cannot increase you at this time."


Yep, didn't think that would work. Sorry OP. Tried to convey that in my posts but the message didn't seem to get through properly.  I'm going to try the automated system at my 3 month mark and wIll report back. 



Quick follow up - finally got first CLI at 5th statement, just over 5 month mark. (YMMV, see disclosure below.) Using the luv button went from 7k to 8k; asked for 10, system countered to 8. Tried CS Domestic and CS Overseas to attempt dbl dip, both said decisions are now system generated and they can't (or won't) override. Advised I wait for the letter and try again at a later time. With the recent Synch issues, I'll wait 6 months before trying again.


Truthfully, the approval was unexpected. Although my fico scores have gone up and util is down, I've opened more than a few accounts over the past 7 months. I chose this card to replace my PPC 6k CL that seems to have been bucketed with the Sync takeover. Very pleased the CLI train is now moving! 


GL All!

Affinity FCU: Cash Rewards VS, PLOC. AOD FCU VS. BB&T Bright. BBVA: ClearPoints (x2), Rewards VS. Cap One: QS, SavorOne, VentureOne, Walmart. Discover it CB. DSNB: Bloomies Amex, Macy's Amex. NFCU: Cash Rewards VS, Plat MC, Plat Visa, CLOC. SECU MD VS. WF Propel Amex. Misc: Overstock, Target. Ongoing: SP CLI's.
Business: Staples Commercial LOC. (My first bus acct !!)

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TCL=$283K. 2021 GOAL: Garden til 1/2022.
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Re: eBay MC Approval - Low SL?

Congrats on your approval! 🎉

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