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...ok, NOW I Enter the Garden (BB&T Bright Approval)

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Re: ...ok, NOW I Enter the Garden (BB&T Bright Approval)

Congratulations on your BB&T approval!!!


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Re: ...ok, NOW I Enter the Garden (BB&T Bright Approval)

@WaitInTheFire wrote:
@difringe wrote:


3. But wait, there's more. You can't do your balance transfers online, you have to call in, which is just absurd to me. The first time I called in they failed to verify my identity (which is hilarious since I answered every question truthfully lol) but when I called a second time, they didn't even ask me any of the verification questions Smiley Frustrated

I was able to do a BT online. I had to wait a few days after I had received and activated my card before it was available, and it's a pain in the neck to find -- click on the card, click on "manage account" (I think), then find "transfer a balance" in a sub-menu there, but it is available. I transferred $1,500 from a higher interest card over and the payment went through lightning fast -- the whole transaction cleared in two business days.

gonna have to take a look at this, since when i called in, they explicitly said you couldn't do it online...would've saved myself a bit of headache if i could've done it online like every other bank lol


EDIT: SURE ENOUGH THERE IT IS, yet another reason to be annoyed with this bank, how tf do the csrs have no clue what can or can't be done online. wow. thanks for that


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Scores as of 8/5/2019

Planning to garden until February 2020 (started Jul 25 2019)

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Re: ...ok, NOW I Enter the Garden (BB&T Bright Approval)

@Hitman_101 wrote:

did they use fico score system 8 or if they used their own internal scoring system ?

they use fico 05 for approvals

08 ficos 9/2019 eq 685 tu 704 ex 677
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Re: ...ok, NOW I Enter the Garden (BB&T Bright Approval)

Congrats on the new BB&T card!

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