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personal goal card achieved!

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personal goal card achieved!

Today I recieved my Chase Sapphire Reserve card in the mail and I'm super excited!


I joined the forums a couple months ago and after doing a bunch of research, I felt confident enough to go out and apply for one of the cards that it seemed was well worth it! First one as a part of the community, looking forward to posting more!


I started here:


but by the time I applied for the card a week ago I was at

TU: 757 and Equifax: 739 with 1% utilization


BoA Travel Rewards: $7500
Chase Sapphire Reserve: $10000
DiscoverIT: $1000
BBT Spectrum Cash Rewards: $6500
Capital One Savor: $2000
Wells Fargo Propel: $4000

Chase Business Ink Cash: $6000
SunTrust Rewards: $7000

Nordstom: $3500
JCPenney: $5000
Amazon: $4500
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Re: personal goal card achieved!


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Re: personal goal card achieved!


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS @cryptex on achieving your personal goal card, the CSR - Way To Go!!! 

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BBVA Compass Rewards VS $10.5K | NFCU cashRewards $3K | NFCU More Rewards AMEX $33.5K | NFCU Flagship VS $19K
Macy's AMEX $18K | Apple Card WEMC $6K | PenFed Power Cash Rewards VS $7.5K

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Re: personal goal card achieved!

Congrats on a goal card, and CSR is a big one indeed - well done!

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Re: personal goal card achieved!

Congrats on your new card! 

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Re: personal goal card achieved!

Congrats on getting that goal!

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Re: personal goal card achieved!

Woot woot! Congrats on your CSR approval!!
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