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walmart CLI in two statements!! *faints*

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Re: walmart CLI in two statements!! *faints*

Nice !!! Congrats

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Re: walmart CLI in two statements!! *faints*

I love that they did it automatically. No asking. Just hey, thanks for paying on time and mostly in full-we dig you, heres some credit. LOL!!! Good luck to you all, GE is awesomely wonderful as you will see in my next post!! WOOOTWOOT! love these forums Smiley Wink

started mid 500's. Disputed incorrect items and within a month or two my scores have skyrocketed and continue to do so
EQ: 755 as of 8/2013
TU: 700
Experian(or as I call them, the devil) I have no clue, they haven't released my report
Goal=801 across the board!!! Not too far from this, hoping to garden until Christmas 2013
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