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weird synchrony CLI ???

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weird synchrony CLI ???

So today i went on mu synchrony account and I was interested in seeing about a CLI  but i wanted to chat with a rep before asking for the increase.  while on the chat the csr informed me that they didnt know if it would be a soft or hard pull. so they then asked me would i like to request a cli i stated no, not at this time because I dont want it to effect my credit report  they said okay no problem and we ended the conversation so I log out. I log back in an hour later because I wanted to verify my APR's and Promo dates and i had a 2000.00 CLI on my account...... how weird is that!!!!!

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Re: weird synchrony CLI ???

It's not weird at all.... it's Synch!


Synch is a SP unless you want to go beyond what they offer you in a SP at the time you're requesting it.  You can do it online and the luv button typically used to top out at 10K and if you call CS they can usually go to 25K w/o POI.  If you want higher than that you can push them for it but they'll want paystubs or W-2's for POI.

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Re: weird synchrony CLI ???


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Re: weird synchrony CLI ???

My first 2 CLIs with synch were similar. I hit the luv button on both walmart and jcpenney and was declined both. Next time I logged in both had a small CLI. Days later I recieved the declined letters. Haha!
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