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0% Payoff Question Urgency

0% Payoff Question Urgency

My girlfriend has a balance to pay on a Furniture Row card. It says payoff by 12/4/12 to avoid the deferred interest.

If she puts the payment in onilne ON THE 4TH, will they throw on the interest or is she okay?

I mean, she will be paying it all off, it's just going to be on THE DAY.

Anyone know how this works, exactly?

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Re: 0% Payoff Question Urgency

As longs as it's paid and the say it's received on the 4th, that's fine.  Just check their acceptance date.  Some of these jokers will say that if you pay after 2pm, it counts as the next day.  


I'd pay it today to be on the safe side though.

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Re: 0% Payoff Question Urgency


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