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0% cash advance 4 year

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Re: 0% cash advance 4 year

Make sure you know what the APR will be on the balance remaining after the 1 year expires. If they jack it up to 25 percent interest then that wouldn't be as attractive of an offer. Also, what if another emergency hits and you can't pay most of it back in a year. Ask yourself could you afford to make payments on 5k at that APR.



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Re: 0% cash advance 4 year

Also make sure that the balance on the card is zero before you get that cash, coz any payment you make will go towards the lower interest transaction i.e. your cash advance, if you had any other balance before the cash advance, it will start incuring intrest which might be 10% plus.



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Re: 0% cash advance 4 year

thanks....its currently at zero now
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Re: 0% cash advance 4 year

I talked to BoA about a balance transfer, and I'm not sure if the guy was full of it, or if cash advances work the same way, but the guy said that I should either do the BT on the phone or use a BT check they like to send, because then the rate goes to the (lower) purchase rate after the promo rate expires, but if I do the BT online, it goes to the cash advance rate.


Plan to PIF after 11 months.  Don't wait until the rate goes up to pay.  They use tricky language sometimes and your promo rate may actually expire the month prior to the one you THINK it does.  Make sure you know the exact date the promo will end, and make sure to PIF at least a few days before then

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