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1-day late AMEX payment?

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Re: 1-day late AMEX payment?

Was late on my PRG a year or two ago by like 3 days. Completely forgot to pay it and didn't have autopay. They never contacted me and it's never been a problem.

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Re: 1-day late AMEX payment?

Hi, Some times you can ask a credit card company for a one time goodwill removal of a late. If you have never been late before.

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Re: 1-day late AMEX payment?

dowel911 wrote:

Just got off an overnight flight and found my SPG AMEX was due yesterday! AGH! So mad... I called immediately and made a payment, but the rep said that the payment would show as being late within the AMEX system, but not reported to credit buearus.


Will this negatively impact my ability to do 6 month CLI with my SPG AMEX card? 

It is best to always have an autopay minimum payment set up on every account. You can always pay more later but you will never be late. Good luck to you.

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