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10% cashback Chase Freedom Card?

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10% cashback Chase Freedom Card?

Just a couple of hours ago, I went to my local Chase Branch to deposit several checks. Then I heard a Chase lady introducing a Chase Credit card to a customer. I heard something like "10%" cashback, and then thinking,"**bleep**.. Are you kidding me?" Then I approched her and she told me that's a promotion of Chase Freedom card giving 10% cashback on rotating categories  each quarter.


Then I thought it must be a limited time branch-only promotion. I got my Chase Freedom two months ago and maybe I can sent a secure message online asking to match that offer?


Then I demanded a brochure and asked her where was the 10% cashback? I only saw 5%. After a moment, she pointed to the "10% annual bonus to checking account" to me..


Gee.. Another ignorant employee.. Obviously she didn't do her homework. I was very disappointed and then left there.


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Re: 10% cashback Chase Freedom Card?

I've been getting 10% back at Lowes this quarter in UR mall by ordering things reimbersible through job from there. Made me a nice little stock of points for no out of pocket cost.

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