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10k+ CL's. Whats your income?

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Re: 10k+ CL's. Whats your income?

My annual income is $65K and I have a $10K limit on one of my Chase cards ($8K on the other), a $15K limit with American Express and a $20K limit with Penn Fed.  I also have a $1,700 limit with DiscoverSmiley Sad.  FICO score is 704.

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Re: 10k+ CL's. Whats your income?

121K base

NASA FCU 25000 NASA FCU LOC 25000 NFCU Flagship 70,000, CITI Prestige 22000, CITI Premier 7400, Chase Freedom 15000, Amex Green Card, Amex Gold, Amex Every Day 15000, Amex Costco 15000,Amex BCE 15,000, NFCU LOC 15000, Tobyhanna Visa 10,000, Chase Slate 9500, Discover IT Miles 11,000, BOA Travel Rewards 25,000, Barkclay Apple 6000, Zales 5,200 ,Amazon Store 5,000, Paypal SC 5000, Capt 1 Venture 7,250, Cap 1 Plat Pret 5400, Conns' 5,000, NFM 3500, Care Credit 3300,, Barclay Rewards 1500 BML 2,900,
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Re: 10k+ CL's. Whats your income?

I would think most credit unions, in general, give out higher limits versus the big bank cards.

11/30/08 TU 648 EX 672 EQ 656 SEPT 2014 TU 787 EX 789 EQ ???
Amex BCP $24.1K/Clear $8.5- Sallie Mae $27.5 -Cap One QS $7.5 - Chase Freedom $7.5/United $5k/CSP $20k/Ink- Citi DP $9.5/Dividend $13k/HHHx2 $15k/16.4/Reserve $4.5k Best Buy $1940 HD $1701- Discover IT $15k - Elan $8k GEMB Lowes $20k - Macy's $2k - Kohl's $800

Starting Score: 648
Current Score: 736
Goal Score: 765

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