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$150 BCE to BCP Targeted Offer

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Re: $150 BCE to BCP Targeted Offer

My BCP fantasy calulations involve buying fuel gift cards at 6% markets. It would rip other fuel spend off the table. I spend up to 100 a week in fuel. If fuel becomes part of grocery spend its now over $250 a week groceries.
Open one, close three. Open one, close three.
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Re: $150 BCE to BCP Targeted Offer

Since the demise of Sallie Mae, I was contemplating getting a better grocery card. I had the BCE, and AMEX made the offer 2 weeks ago. I took it. $150 bonus on $1k spend. I am thinking of meeting the spend by the end of this month.

Some data: I have the BCE, and had the Sallie Mae, since 2013. For about 8 months in 2015, I had upgraded it to BCP then downgraded it back. There was no bonus offer, but I did spend all $6k on groceries and the AF was prorated, so it didn't turn out bad. I realized I didn't need two hard hitting grocery cards in 2016. I didn't think that AMEX would want me to upgrade again but they did. Let's see how the bonus works this time.
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