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【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

Don't get any more cards right now. Stop relax and watch them grow.
Espically don't apply for another chase card that isn't co branded either, they have the 5/24 rule.
Usually this is where I want to warn you about the dangers of using credit the wrong way but it seems that you have the cash to back up the credit unlike the majority of 18 years olds so you get a congratulations and Good luck on your credit journey!
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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

$984 in annual fees starting the second year.


Do you plan on just using the signup bonuses then cancelling your cards before their anniversary?

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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

I wish I was like you at 18.


I was dumb and not caring, if I had found this place when I was 18 my credit profile would be much better today.

Still in rebuilding, but I would probably have 800 ficos at this point.

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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

I will definitely keep CSP, Freedom, AED, Hyatt, IHG and Amex SPG. And one of the Amex charge card.  

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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

It's awesome to read what you've been able to achieve so quickly! I'm on an F1 without an SSN, and your post inspired me to set out and apply for an AMEX BCE, and I got approved (for 4k)!


I tried going to a Chase branch to apply for the CSP, but they said they couldn't help me since I didn't have an SSN (saying that their policies had changed in the past few months). Do you have any tips as to how you may have gotten your Chase Freedom card? I'm thinking that I need to establish some banking history with them for them to consider me...

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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

Well, you would have two options.

1. Find a job on campus and get a SSN.

2. Get an ITIN, Individual Tax Identification Number, this takes around two to three months to get from IRS, and you have to mail your original passport in, the application for ITIN has to be submitted with the 1040NR, very annoying process. 


The first Chase credit card is really hard to get, especially special consideration is no longer available. But once you got your first chase card, other chase cards are very easy to get.

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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

I was able to ask my consulate for a certified copy and I did send that. They basically made a copy of each page then put the consulate seal on each page. I don't know if that is available for all countries. That's how I got an ITIN.


If you can get a SSN then it will be easier to monitor your credit with free tools. I can't use many of the online tools because of this.


You should start getting offers for other lenders like Capital One (be careful with Credit One offers) in a few months. Good luck.

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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

Are you able to get credit report/score from Equifax and Transunion website or through any other websites? Im only able to get my experian report and score...:/
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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

Hi mt208, I'm only able to create a account, and get reports from TU and EX by mail. I was able to get EQ report 2 years ago, since then, they always ask for SSN.


I can't open a CK account. I do get TU FICO with Discover and EX FICO with Amex.


With Experian I tried to create an account to get the monthly free report, they do ask some verification questions but then they say there was a problem, so I can't finish the process. How are you able to get your experian report and score? 

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Re: 【18 and churning】Credit cards without SSN.

@RM21 wrote:
I wished I would have been smarter about mt credit not long ago when I was that young. I paid no attention to it, literally. Good for you.

Mannn.. These Youngsters are killin it.


I didn't even know what's a credit score when I was 18.


Congrats Though!! Keep up the good work..

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