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19 Point DROP! HELP!

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19 Point DROP! HELP!

We had an emergency and I got a USAA college mastercard and spent $830 in one week. When they reported the new balance from 0 to 830 my scored dropped from 646 to 627. When I got the message from Myfico about the score drop they said it was because TWO of my account balance reported an increase....when I looked at it, it was the same account (USAA). Is that how it's suppose to be? Is it because more than one credit bureau reported it or they made a mistake and put the same account twice. Please help, Im very new to this whole keeping up with my credit thing.

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Re: 19 Point DROP! HELP!

Myfico did the same thing to me when my chase preorted a $44 balance. Along with opening a new TL I got dinged 22 points. I reported two alerts for oncwe balance, but I checked my report and it looked normal. I would expect the score to go back up as soon as the balance is paid lower or off. 

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Re: 19 Point DROP! HELP!

It is just how you have the alert settings. Like I had mine set to alert me if I have an increase of $1.00 more on an account and also if my balance increases by 5%. So if my card reports a balance and it fits both of these settings, I get two alerts for same account.

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Re: 19 Point DROP! HELP!

i mean you did use quite a bit Its normal as soon as you pay more than half your scores should be just fine. Is it the only card you have and if it is does it hav the HIGHEST CL?? I say its normal. Smiley Happy

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Re: 19 Point DROP! HELP!

+2 its in your settings. 


i got dinged almost 70 points for 3 cards double reporting apperantly and 2 of them were 90%+  1 of those cards reported pif this month and my score bumped 20 points, so i expect for my scores to go back as soon as my util goes back too under 9% 

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Re: 19 Point DROP! HELP!

19 points? Heck that's nothing. I just racked up my Discover card and took a 65 point hit. I'm not worried though 'cause I'll be getting it paid off within the next few months and I'm now in the garden. My scores will be back and possibly higher than before soon enough. ~kn

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Re: 19 Point DROP! HELP!

Scores go up and down with charges, payments, etc. As with any new balances reporting, there is always a higher chance for default, thus the decrease in the score. Pay it back down, let the payment report and your score will rebound. Remember, a FICO score is a picture shot of your credit at that instant. It has no memory and is created the moment you request it.

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Re: 19 Point DROP! HELP!

Don't worry, that is normal, just pay in full and keep utilization low, best below 10% but never more than 20%, that is gonna keep your scores above 720 and they will bounce back  in a few months....

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