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19 y/o and approved for Amex Gold

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19 y/o and approved for Amex Gold

Is there something sketchy going on here? I was just approved for Amex gold yesterday morning and I'm worried they're going to call me and say the approval was a mistake. Are charge cards easier to get than revolvers?

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Re: 19 y/o and approved for Amex Gold

[aaaahhhh...]: What would have you 'worried'? Were you untruthful about something?  Chances are that the only 18-21 year-olds legitimately qualifying for AMEX gold and up would pro athletes to medical to high-flying MBA students. Otherwise, if AMEX ever sifts you out, it will be quite a while before you'd ever possess one of its card again.

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Re: 19 y/o and approved for Amex Gold

Nope, perfectly honest about the few questions asked. Put down employed student and my correct annual income. 60 seconds later and approved. This is the first card I've been straight up approved for (without needing recon). Right now I have BoA Platinum Plus Visa (5/2010 $2500), Chase Amazon Visa (4/2011 $1000), Discover (1/2011 $750).

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Re: 19 y/o and approved for Amex Gold


Congrats to you!  I received my first card, which was an AMEX card, when I was 19.  The account is still open today. 

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Re: 19 y/o and approved for Amex Gold

Not a shabby start! Just remember with the advent of hyper-data in this age, a **bleep**-up with any prime issuer would be near catastrophic to your fiscal health. So much info on the new generation of credit holders is kept more reliably and shared more freely than in generations past. 


You'd asked whether charge cards are easier to acquire than credit cards? Theorectially some ppl seem to hold this belief. Yet the fact remains credit in and of itself should be seen as a tool; some ppl are more adept at its usefulness than others. An AMEX charge could be accorded commercial or professional grade in terms of credit usefulness -- lots of power behind it -- if I were analogize my point; whereas other credit cards are mere overcharged, high-revved but not quite professional-graded cards. Yet you get to flash or tout this limit. But the principle fact remains few other cards, if any, will float your cash for any transaction if you can HONESTLY afforded it.


That's has always been AMEX's mainstay. No other card will truly measure your net worth -- for better or worse -- like an AMEX. 

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Re: 19 y/o and approved for Amex Gold

Congratulations, I too applied for the AmEx Gold last night and was instant approved, and best of all it will be backdated to 1991 Congrats again, keep up the great work.

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Re: 19 y/o and approved for Amex Gold

Congrats! I'm sure it's not a mistake. Just be responsible and you'll be fine. I had a Green when I was in my early twenties.  After 2-3 years of using it, I found out it was difficult for me to manage, closed it voluntarily before I got myself into trouble, and have reconnected with the Amex family 15 years later and no hard feelings on either side and now I have backdated cards. 

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Re: 19 y/o and approved for Amex Gold

Interestingly, it's often easier to get the AmEx charge cards than the revolvers. They seem to like those annual fees.  Smiley Wink


OP, assuming that your fee was waived for the first year, as is usually the case with Golds, consider applying for a revolver next year around the 10-month mark. If approved, it will show an opening date of that month/2011 (not 2012), so you won't get a new account ding, although they will hard your EX report. Once it's reporting, cancel the Gold before your fee pops up.


This is a handy way to wind up with a no-fee AmEx card for those newish to credit.

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