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1FBUSA does not report for AUs

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1FBUSA does not report for AUs

my very first credit card was from 1st Financial Bank USA. i've had it since early 2008. tbh, i've never even seen it, because my mom uses it... but obviously the account is in my name, and the history reported is in my benefit. her using the card has bumped my limit way up to $5,250, my highest by far.


after my dad died in 2002, my mom had to declare ch. 13 BK, i believe, and so her credit hasn't been the same. i called 1FBUSA just now to add her as an authorized user, since she is looking to apply for a card of her own and she uses my card ANYWAY, and was told that they would not report my card's history on her CR. i'm just a little confused as to why this is? why do they not report for AUs?


looking at my other cards in my siggy, is there anyway that i can add her as an AU AND grant her some of my credit history that she's given me in the first place?

Macy's Red Star - $5100 (1/2010)
AMEX Everyday - $9000 (1/2011 Backdated)
AMEX Green Corporate - NPSL
Chase Amazon Prime - $8900 (11/2011)
Lowe's/SYNCB - $6500 (7/2014)
J. Crew/CB - $3500 (2/2015)
Target REDcard - $500 (11/2015)
Citi AAdvantage - $4000 (6/2016)
Chase United MileagePlus - $5000 (2/2017)
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Re: 1FBUSA does not report for AUs



Does anyone have a cc with 1st Financial Bank USA?

It's very tough with small income ~ The Rewards are big little helper to me.
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Re: 1FBUSA does not report for AUs

we have one, but we have never tried to add an AU to it.

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