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1st Command Visa / Low APR & balance transfer Cards

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1st Command Visa / Low APR & balance transfer Cards

Anybody have any experience w/ the First Command Visa @6.25% apr? 

I've been thinking that it might be a good idea to get a card that offers low apr & no balance transfer fees, in case of emergency. Reading through old threads on this site I've seen ppl mention first command, barclay's ring, & amerprise as low apr cards.

1) I'm not an Amerprise client & I'm happy with my current brokerage firm so Amerprise isn't an option for me.

2) Barclay Ring seems enticing- 8% apr on all balances, no balance transfer fee. However, I've heard that they constantly SP you & if they feel you've opened too many new accts/too many inquiries they reduce your CL. Any truth to this? How hard is it to get approved? What don't they like on CRs? I know they pull TU & my TU report has 2 inquiries & a paid tax lien for $350 from 3.5 yrs ago. 40% util.  I don't want to get a card that's going to make me nervous anytime I want to apply for another card. 

3) First Command- the website states that they are only accepting apps from existing banking or investment clients. They have a no fee checking acct that only requires a $25 opening deposit. Would it suffice if I opened up this checking acct? I live in NY but they have a branch in NJ that isn't too much of a hassle for me to go to & open the acct at (since my sis lives near it & I visit pretty often.) Couod I just open the checking acct, wait a few months & app for the 6.25% cc? Anybody know if it's a hard card to get approved for & if they pull from a specific CR?


Are there any other low apr/low balance transfer fee cards that I missed?



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